Welcome to The StepMomster.

This blog is the brain child of a terrible, awful, evil, Stepmother.  Just kidding!  I’m more like rainbows and unicorns than bats and broomsticks.  Unicorns that curse.  A little.  I want to reach out.  Reach out to step families.  Tell you the story of how I became the StepMomster and to help other step mothers and mothers struggling with blending their family unit.  I’m an open book and believe me, nothing about your blended family could shock me.  Mine is pretty uncommon itself.  I hope you’ll join me for my many adventures of life as a stepmother.  If you’re a step parent, heck, even if you’re not a step parent and just wonder how in the world it’s so simple to get along with everyone involved, follow me and I’ll tell ya.  Take a look over —> there somewhere for easy access to all my posts.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.  I’d love to know your experiences too!

Thanks for stopping by!