The Man and The Monster

Forget the hellos, today!  We are just gonna go for it.

Chapter 2: From Go Away to Stay Forever.

August 2009

I hate phone calls, despise them actually, but that first phone call lasted nearly an entire day.  He worked nights and I went to school and worked days.  I still couldn’t seem to put the phone down before 5 AM and I was waiting by it at 2 PM.  He called, everyday, right on time.

Now let me start by saying it definitely took some time for me to warm up to this guy.  I’m nearly 6 feet tall and he stands about 3 inches shy of being considered a tree stump, that posed a little bit of a problem.  For the next few weeks or so, he called and he text and he called and he text.  Then I gave in to his pleads for a first date.  I’m talking Steve Urkel chasing Laura Winslow type pleads.  I had to make him sweat a little.  What kinda girl would I be if I didn’t?

The day had come for our first date and I have a history of being a big fat chicken so naturally, I cancel.  From the sound of it, I pulled an Evil Queen and crushed his heart in my bare hands.  Evil Stepmothers start out as Evil Queens dontcha know?

Twice in the same week I woke up to gorgeous flowers on my doorstep.  We lived an hour apart!  Who does that?  INSANE PEOPLE THAT’S WHO!  Well now I have to go out with him.  Our first date wasn’t your typical first date.  No dinner.  No movies.  We rode around in his old red Dodge Dakota, he had so adorable named “Betsy”, with no destination.  It was the best first date, I’d ever had.  I’m a simple girl.  That’s the day I knew, this guy was going to me my best friend.

A week or two went by and I was going on a weekend trip to Virginia with some family.  We didn’t talk at all those next few days and I was okay with that.  Until… until my aunt had said something to that completely changed the way I felt.  The way I saw him.  Our friendship.  Everything.  She looked at me and said “you won’t have much time before someone else snatches him up.”  I was done.  That is all it took for me to realize how important his presence was to me, even in the short time we had known one another.  I couldn’t wait to get back home.  I couldn’t wait to get back to be his girlfriend.  When I told him over the phone, you’d have thought I had killed him again.  “ARE YOU SURE??” “REALLY SURE?” Umm… well talk me out of it dude.  Yes, I was sure.  I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.  Then he said, “I want you to meet my son.”

scared meme

Well… there’s the sweat again.



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Hey y'all! Im Mindy! My husband, Josh and I have been married for nearly seven years and we have two beautiful boys, one of which is the inspiration behind the blog name. Im the StepMonster as he so lovingly refers to me. I hope I can give you some insight into a few aspects of my life. The wife, the mom, the step mom, and most of the time the helicopter over my son who was born with a rare inflammatory disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Try saying it and I'll talk about it later after your head stops hurting.

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