Told You They Make A Great Team

In a previous post, I talked about my adorable parents and their love of almost 40 years. I also talked about what an amazing team they make!

When it comes to handy work and crafting and building, there isn’t much my ol’ daddy can’t do.  He builds and she paints (this time she stained).  I promised to reveal my birthday present to all of you when it was finish.  Well guess what?? 😊 It’s finished and I couldn’t be more happy!  It is beautiful. Simple and elegant just a pinch of bling. (Just like me)… Okay I don’t think I’m elegant but my desk is!


Can you be in love with a piece of furniture?

The sides are made from an old crib and my one little piece of bling is this drawer pull!


The chairs that my parents have had for years just seemed to go perfectly.  I took them too! I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift… Oh wait… I did ask for it!  This was just beyond expectations.

*Happy Birthday to Me!* & Thank you, Mom & Dad.

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About The StepMomster

Hey y'all! Im Mindy! My husband, Josh and I have been married for nearly seven years and we have two beautiful boys, one of which is the inspiration behind the blog name. Im the StepMonster as he so lovingly refers to me. I hope I can give you some insight into a few aspects of my life. The wife, the mom, the step mom, and most of the time the helicopter over my son who was born with a rare inflammatory disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Try saying it and I'll talk about it later after your head stops hurting.

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