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We Can’t Dance Like No One’s Watching

Okay ya’ll… this is ridiculous.  This is pretty off topic but it’s something that has hit me close to my heart.  There aren’t any pictures, not any jokes.  Okay, maybe a joke or two.  Maybe I’m a little crazy but I had to get the feelings out.  There are… “words” in here so if you’re offended, I apologize now.  Ya’ll know I just say what I mean.
I’m not going to beat around the bush anymore, I’m just going to say it.  Why is the majority of social media a bunch of jerks?  Seriously, a girl… dancing her (pardon my french) ass off, while singing mind you, should have been flooding social media with the awesomeness that was her kick ass performance.  The most epic half time show I’ve seen in a while.  She killed it.  Knocked it out of the park.  Whatever you wanna call it.  It was great.

I woke up Monday morning to… not great.  Filling my news feed were comments about this womens’ stomach!  Nothing about how she rocked those songs.  Nothing about how she jumped off a roof and sang mid air.  Nothing about how she is barely 5 feet tall but looked like a boss holding up bedazzled shoulder pads!  IN HEELS!  That in itself should get the woman a medal or something.

“I was waiting to see a special guest at the half time show, but all we got was her gut.”

Seriously?  She probably doesn’t give two cents about your little tweet but I bet you some reader somewhere…does.  Did your mother forget to teach you decency?  You skipped the “How Not to Be An Asshole” lesson, didn’t you?  You’re the reason behind the little girl who refuses to eat that extra scoop of ice cream for dessert.  This is why that 15 year old will eat all of their dinner and then throw it up where no one can see them.  You’re the reason that 22 year old wakes up EVERY morning at 4am because she has become addicted to exercise.  Nothing she sees in the mirror is ever good enough.  She didn’t work out hard enough.  She should have ran that extra mile yesterday.  THIS IS THE REASON.

Why?  Why do we do this to each other?  Feel the need to pick out one minor “flaw” instead of seeing the complete awesome package.   Are we trying to make ourselves feel better?  Are you mad because you don’t have a lavish lifestyle?  Are you mad you don’t have a 100 thousand screaming fans?  Well I’m not.  Most of us don’t… and most of us don’t have a rock hard abdomen.

Let’s all agree, if by chance you were watching her sweet dance moves and listening to her voice, she was amazing.  She was totally wearing that gold jacket too!  I mean… I’m a little mad I don’t have one of those.