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Too Many Things. Too Little Time.

First off… Pardon my awful writing and rambling, this is from my phone at the spare of the moment. Somethings, you just have to get out…

It’s my ONE YEAR Blogiversary! Y’all have continued to support me even when I went on hiatus. You’re all awesome and I’m grateful for you. 


Y’all… I haven’t seen you since October! October!! So many things happened last year and things just seemed to get lost along the way. Like my love for talking to y’all, or basically my sanity in general.

I don’t really know where to even begin. How do I catch you up? For starters, going from a stay at home mom to working two jobs is enough to make any mother insane. Let’s throw in a special needs child, a separation, moving back in with your parents, then living alone with your child for the first time and you’ll need a straight jacket. Which is honestly where I am. 

Lularoe CEO Mark Stidham

Over the last six months, things have seemed to slip away. I’m going to talk and discuss more as to why exactly things happened the way they did in a later post. I hit rock bottom last year but there were always two constants. Two people that were always there. One being my own mother, I could have never made it through what I did without her. I dont say it enough Mom… But thank you. The other… The BirthGiver. Kim has been my best friend. When I needed a shoulder to cry on or a good midnight texting rant, she was there. She is there. 

This family that we created and strived to make work doesn’t have to end because one of the marriages might have crumbled. We are a family. Regardless.