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Weekend Coffee Share-3/12

So I’ve decided to join in on the fun of the weekend coffee share!  A weekend link-up for us bloggers to tell you the boring and the maybe not so boring parts of our week and you don’t get to tell us how boring we are.  Don’t worry, you know I’ll throw some jokes in.  But seriously, head on over to Part-Time Monster and connect with us over a cuppa’ joe.


my adorable husband bought this mug for me when I started my blog.  he’s cute right?!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this week has been ridiculously crazy for me.  Most weeks are pretty laid back and Frank and I just go with the flow.  Not this week.  This week I was preparing for my 504 plan meeting that I had with Franks’ future guidance counselor at his “big kid school.”  I was a nervous wreck but luckily she was better than I could have imagined!  The meeting was so quick and easy.  That’s saying something coming from a mom with ADHD who spent most of her time looking at the all the pretty colors on the wall.  It’s an elementary school, gimme a break!  I’m looking forward to “big kid school” too!

Come August, I will have a Kindergartner!  I can’t believe my little boy is almost 5 years old even though he speaks like he’s 60!  I say that because my dad is approaching 60 next year and his favorite phrase is, “that’s unnecessary.”  I give you… Franks new favorite phrase.  If we are doing something he doesn’t want to do or is just moping around he says, “Momma, this is not necessary.”  He usually has a point too.  Just like his PawPaw!

Now Murph… oh my dear sweet Murph!  He has one more year before he hits double digits!  The little baby I have been with since before he could say my name right, will be 10.  Leaving second grade in a few months to enter the terrible world of standardized testing.  Again, not a good thing when you have ADHD. (Not him, me!  I still cringe when I hear the words End of Grade Testing).  *shutters*


^^There’s Frank!  I guess that means my time is up!

Have a great day, ya’ll!